Boys braces

boys braces

There you have it: the invitation to your best friend's wedding, the graduation ceremony of your former study friend or the Christmas dinner with the whole family. Even the youngest ones are invited and are expected in a nice chic outfit. No problem!

Accessories for dad and son

Are you going to wear a suit with some trendy accessories like a nice bow tie, a pocket square and men’s braces and do you want your son to wear matching accessories?  If so, look at our collection of children's braces and ties. With braces for kids and matching braces for daddy or grandpa you have a super nice set of matching accessories for yourself and your little man.

Children braces and children's ties

Often little boys do not want to wear a suit. Perhaps they can wear nice chino’s or dark jeans with a white shirt instead, combined with a nice pair of braces in the same colour as your accessories. Alternatively, your son could wear a children's tie that matches your accessories – a small accessory with lots of effect. Mum and Grandma will also love it, and you will make a great appearance. 

Boys braces in X-form

Our children's braces are in X-form. Because of the X-form (2 clips in the front and 2 clips in the back), the children's suspenders stay where they belong all day long. The children's suspenders are approx. 70 cm long and the straps have a width of 2.5 cm. Because of 2 sliding clips, the length is easy to adjust.

Boys braces in many colours

Our braces for boys are made for children aged 5-12 years and are available in 12 colours. From classic and subtle navy, dark blue, black, white or dark grey to striking orange, red, fuchsia or light pink to aqua, light blue and beige. You will also find men’s braces in the same colours in our extensive range to match. Tip: as a change, you could also wear your braces with jeans!

It doesn't matter if your boy wears his new children's suspenders for a wedding, family dinner or for his big sister's graduation ceremony. You will certainly get compliments!

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