Combining braces with a tie

Combining braces with a tie

Combining braces with a tie might not be the most obvious combination, but it is a very trendy way to finish off your outfit.

Braces and how to combine them with a tie

The colours of your chosen tie and braces will determine whether the combination is successful or not. For example, you can keep the same colour as the basis and combine dark blue braces with a dark blue tie. When combining colours, keep the combinations similar for example, if you have beige-dark blue striped braces, you can style this with a plain dark blue or beige tie. If you like to wear a blue tie with white dots, then combine it with plain white or blue braces.

Vintage braces combined with a tie2

Vintage braces combined with a tie

With vintage look braces, such as leather braces or wool braces, you have a bit more freedom when it comes to the colour of the tie. For example, with brown leather braces you can combine many different tie colours. A tie combined with a vintage braces is often done to create a casual look. Do you often wear leather or wool braces? If so, tie a tie around your neck for a trendy and casual look.

What type of braces with what type of tie

To ensure that a combination of a tie and braces is stylish, it's best to choose similar types. For example with narrow braces, we would advise you to choose a narrow tie. If your braces are 3.5cm wide, you can easily combine them with a wider tie, for example 7.5cm wide. If your braces don't have elastic bands but are made of wool or leather, choose a different tie material.  
Wool braces go very well with a silk tie, and leather braces are a stylish match with a linen tie.

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