Combining braces with a turtleneck

Combining braces with a turtleneck

Are you used to wearing braces with a shirt, but are they too cold? Here's how to combine braces with a warm turtleneck

Wearing braces in the winter

Winter is coming and the temperature is dropping, which means that the time of wearing only a shirt is over for a while. To still look fashionable, we would like to advise you on how to combine braces with a comfortable turtleneck. 

Combining plain braces

Nowadays, braces are no longer worn with just a shirt. Even if you like to wear a turtleneck, you can still wear this functional and trendy accessory. A turtleneck often gives you a more casual look. Therefore, for instance, combine a black turtleneck with braces in black. You can play around with the material or possibly a pattern but keep the combination calm. Match the colour of your braces with the colour of your turtleneck if you want to go for a classic and stylish look. 

Are you more of a daredevil and do you like to stand out with your choice of clothes? Then combine your braces in a contrasting colour with your turtleneck. Do you wear your turtleneck under a suit or jacket? Then you can also choose braces in the colour of the suit or jacket. 

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Combining striped braces

Combining braces with stripes is quite easy. Do you have a dark grey turtleneck that you like to wear with black trousers or jeans? Then braces with grey stripes are a good choice. The different shades of grey make your outfit playful and stylish. 

If you like to wear blue jeans, you can also wear braces over your blue or dark blue turtleneck. In this case, go for blue striped braces to achieve the same result as described above in the black/grey combination.

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