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Different styles of men’s braces

Different styles of mens braces

Do you think braces are only suitable for that older man who wants to keep his trousers up? Then you're wrong! Braces are so much more than just a functional accessory. 


The functionality of braces 

Of course, braces are still a very functional clothing accessory, but we think it is now better to call it a fashion accessory. Indeed, besides keeping your trousers up, braces are a trendy accessory that really add character to your outfit.


The look of braces

Braces now come in different sizes, colours, designs and materials. This allows you to decide what you want to project. For example, you can wear a completely different brace with streetwear than with a suit or suit jacket. Which braces go well with which style? We will tell you below.

 Streetwear braces

Streetwear braces 

Streetwear is a fashion trend that originated in the skate world, also known as street style. Nowadays, we see all kinds of this in today's streetscape. For this style, plain braces in a contrasting colour are a popular accessory. Often, 3.5cm braces are worn. Because trousers in this style are worn low and oversized, the braces lose a little of their functionality. That does not matter at all, as in this case it is much more of a clothing accessory to be seen. 

Braces dandy style

You may be wondering, what is dandy style? A dandy, or dandy man is (usually) a man who likes to pay a lot of attention to his appearance and appearance. It is therefore important for a true dandy to always emphasise his own style and make all accessories match his personality. Braces are an indispensable accessory for a dandy. Often combined with a shirt, trousers, a blazer, not to mention a tie and overcoat. Other accessories like cufflinks, a cap or a hat are no stranger to a real dandy. A dandy ensures that braces radiate luxury and often have a classic, sometimes even vintage look. Braces with leather loops that are attached to trousers by means of buttons are therefore an excellent choice if you choose Dandy Style as your style!

dapper style braces

Dapper style braces

The dapper style comes from the 60s. Like dandy style, it is a chic clothing style but with a more striking look. With this style, neat trousers are common, combined with a shirt, a jacket and not forgetting loafers. A dapper likes to stand out. Braces are therefore a favourite accessory. Preferably braces made of leather, wool, or another eye-catching material.

Braces for the groom

Whatever style suits you best, wearing braces during a wedding is always good. Consider the dress code and your own costume when looking for the right braces for this joyous day. If the dress code is casual chic, then leather braces are a great accessory, but if Tenue de Ville is the dress code, then luxury braces with buttons are the accessory that best suits the occasion.



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