How to prevent sagging men’s braces

How to prevent sagging mens braces 2

Men’s braces are being worn more and more these days. They are chosen for their functionality, but also for their fashionable appearance.

Braces that sag

Sometimes we are asked why braces sag from the shoulders. Fortunately, this problem is easy to solve. We'll tell you how to solve or prevent it.

When braces slip off your shoulders it means that you are wearing them too big in relation to your upper body. With a small movement of the shoulders or arms, the straps can easily drop down, because the braces are too loose. Our braces are easily adjustable in size by the sliders at the front. 

The braces are in place when the straps are well connected to the upper body when seated.

Sizes braces

Do you want to prevent the braces from falling? Then also pay attention to the size of the braces. Two important aspects are your height and build. Do you have a slim figure and are you no taller than 1.95m? Then (standard) braces with a length of +/- 120cm are a good size. Do you have a larger size or are you taller than 1.95m? Then extra-long braces are preferable. 

Sizes braces for children

Are you looking for braces for children? The children's braces in our collection are suitable for children from size 98 to 158. They are also adjustable in size using the sliders. 

Adjust braces for the right sizeAdjust braces for the right size

All braces available in our collection are easily adjustable. In case the sliders are at shoulder height, it's not very comfortable and we advise a smaller size of men’s braces. The parts that you use to adjust the braces should not go higher than the area between the chest and the shoulder, but you can go lower than this area. Adjust the sliders so that the straps of the braces fit snugly on your upper body, even when you are sitting down. In this way, there is less chance of the brace slipping of the shoulders.

Braces with buttons

Do you like wearing braces with buttons and have you followed the advice above and your straps still sag? Then it could be that the buttons are not placed in the right position in the trouser band. For the right distance between the buttons and a good position in the trouser band, we would like to refer you to this article in our braces guide. In this article we explain where to place the buttons and how to do this for optimal comfort.

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