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New at Extra-long braces from Wiseguy Suspenders

Extra long braces from Wiseguy Suspenders

Are you looking for extra-long braces? Our range of braces with extra-long straps has been expanded with XL braces from Wiseguy Suspenders.

Even more choice in extra-long braces 

For some time, we have been selling extra-long braces from E.L. Cravatte. Basic braces in an X-shape with extra strong clips. Because the demand for trendy XL braces continued to rise, Wiseguy Suspenders has also added extra-long braces to its range in an Y-shape. Luxury braces with more length! 

Extra-long braces. When do you need them?

The XL braces you'll find in our shop are braces with 140cm straps and adjustable length. We recommend this type of braces for men with a larger size or a body height of 195cm or more. These braces are also suitable if you must cover a longer distance from the waistband at the back to the waistband at the front. So, do you have a beer belly and are you no taller than 195 cm? Then measure the distance from the back to the front of the waistband. Is this distance longer than 120 cm? Then choose XL braces. The XL braces have straps of 140 cm, which can be adjusted to a shorter length. 

Extra-long leather braces Extra long leather braces

Wiseguy Originals is known for its luxurious nubuck leather braces. These are now also available in an extra-long version. The leather XL braces from Wiseguy Suspenders have straps in a width of 2.5 cm and are equipped with an elastic back strap for high wearing comfort. All extra-long braces from Wiseguy Suspenders are Y-shaped. 

XL braces from a practical and trendy point of view 

Do you wear braces because they're practical and you'd rather not wear a belt? Or do you prefer to wear them because it gives you a trendy look (without a belt of course)? In both cases, extra-long braces are a good choice. 

Extra-long braces in Y-shape

The extra-long braces from Wiseguy Suspenders are all in a Y-shape. The braces of this brand can be provided with different fastenings according to your wishes. For example, you can easily replace the clips with hooks or leather loops with clips. This way you can put together the braces as you wish. The different options are conveniently listed under the related products at the bottom of the product detail page.

Extra-long braces in X-shape

The XL braces from E.L. Cravatte are in an X-shape and have 4 sturdy clips. The clips on these braces are extra sturdy so that these braces are also extremely suitable for men with a thicker stomach or longer body length. These braces are also purchased to wear in combination with heavier trousers. You can think of the trousers for motorcyclists or the trousers for carpenters, plumbers, woodcutters or electricians.

First class service. First class communication. First class products. What more can I say!
Tessa Eames
Excellent tie, silky soft material and extra long as advertised. Allows taller folk to tie knots that use more length.
Thrilled with the tie….absolutely perfect colour and quality. Service and delivery were without fault. About to order two further ties!
Tessa Eames
Excellent service and quality. I ordered replacement leather ends for braces. They arrived within a few days and I am very satisfied.
Sometimes the quality of on line purchases is not what is claimed. This company seems to be honest and what it says is what you get.
Robert Little
I attend many motorsport awards yearly and wanted some braces that were in fitting. These were just prefect.
Quality is of the highest standard and beautifully made. Very pleased with my purchase.
Order process was simple, delivered in a timely manner and communication was good.
I’d highly recommended and would definitely order again in future.
Julian Batten-Dale
I ordered a pair of braces for my husband as part of his Christmas gift. He was over the moon with them and they are of really lovely quality. The colours in the two-tone set I chose go really well together and he\'s already worn them multiple times over the holidays. Delivery was also very quick!
Ffion Williams-Cormany

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