Vintage men’s braces

vintage mens braces

Vintage braces have become an integral part of fashion. For decades there has been a conscious choice for this practical men's accessory. Nowadays, both men and women frequently choose this trendy accessory.

What are vintage braces?

When I think of vintage braces, I think of the braces my Grandpa wore, or maybe even still wears. Of course, this is not a negative thing. Grandpa is a real trend setter! For braces with an authentic look, at you have come to the right place. Every season new braces are added to the existing collection.

Wearing men’s braces to a wedding

Many couples choose to give their wedding a theme. For example, vintage braces fit very well with a ‘bohemian’, ’casual’ or ‘festival’ theme. Are you the groom, then you might be looking for a more luxurious vintage brace. The braces of Wiseguy Suspenders might be what you are looking for - luxury braces made of full leather or finished with beautiful leather details. Would you like to give the witnesses and/or day-guests a gift that fits your theme? There are also possibilities to personalize braces. Please feel free to ask for our suggestions. 

This way you can create the ultimate vintage look

Vintage braces are available for every budget, but how do you make sure your outfit gets the perfect vintage touch? Braces already have an authentic look of their own, but braces with buttons or 6 clips give an outfit that little bit more authenticity. The men’s braces with buttons have a more luxurious look because these men’s braces are decorated with leather loops. Braces with 6 clips are also extra sturdy and practical. Combine these braces for example with your outfit to give your suit more spice.

Would you prefer to wear a slightly more subtle accessory? If so, then woollen or narrow suspenders also go very well with a vintage look. Combine these men’s braces for example with a chino and a casual shirt.

With braces alone, you're not there yet if you're looking for the perfect vintage outfit. Your outfit isn't complete without a bow tie or tie. Is a tie your favourite accessory, then choose for example a knitted or wool tie to stay in the right style. 

Do you like to wear a bow tie? If so, then linen, wool or knitted pre-tied bow ties are an excellent addition to your outfit!

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