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The etiquette of men’s braces

Men’s braces are a nice accessory. Not only do they give your outfit a personal look, they are also very functional. Braces support your trousers, just like a belt -but unlike a belt, they don't pinch at the waist. Men’s braces are not only a luxurious and practical accessory; we are also seeing more and more men’s braces appearing in recent trends. Braces are now widely used as style accessories on the catwalk and in fashion magazines.

Men’s braces have been part of our wardrobe for around three centuries. In addition to their practical usefulness, they also have a role in changing fashions. Braces are embedded in our culture and therefore expected on certain occasions according to etiquettes. Although occasionally and depending on the fashion trend, ladies also wear suspenders, we mainly find this garment in the men's wardrobe. With casual use, there are no rules for wearing your braces and you choose the style you like, for example you can wear braces on jeans or chinos, perhaps even with a pocket square or on a V-neck sweater. However, when combining the men’s braces with a tuxedo there is a time-honored dress code.

The etiquette of mens braces

The 3 do's and don'ts

Leave your belt at home!

Most importantly: men’s braces and a belt should NOT be worn at the same time. It would be like wearing 2 pair of socks over each other. Men’s braces have the same function as the belt.

Visible or invisible

At number 2 there is a rule that many people do not take too seriously anymore and so can be called somewhat outdated. Men’s braces should be covered, according to etiquette. Whether with a jacket or sweater, they (according to tradition) should not be visible. This 'rule' originated in 1893 in London. The hot summer caused English workers to take off their jackets en masse. The link between men’s braces and the worker was quickly made. Men’s braces showed that you belonged to the working class, and that wasn't considered fancy. Here you can read more about the history of men’s braces. Fortunately, nowadays men’s braces are very trendy and may be shown unabashedly!

Leather pattern

The button closures are at number three. Although it is not strict etiquette, traditionally, braces are provided with leather loops at the ends. This leather loop must be attached to the buttonholes located on the inside of the waistband of a pair of trousers. However, not all braces nowadays have such a leather loop. Variants are available that are only provided with clamp closures at the ends. The advantage of these clamp fasteners is that they fit on every pair of trousers. Not all trousers are fitted with buttons on the inside of the waistband - therefore these clamps make braces a much more accessible accessory. Want to know more? Read here what to look for when buying men’s braces.

Leather pattern

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