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What are men’s braces made of?

The very first men’s braces were made of fabric. The elite wore leather men’s braces. These days braces are available in various types of material. Every material has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article we explain them to you.

What are mens braces made of


Nowadays, elastic is the most used material in the manufacture of men’s braces. This is not very surprising because of the many benefits of elastic. First, it's elastic! And that ‘stretch-ability’ is very comfortable for the fit of the braces. In addition, this material is easy to clean, for example you can dab it with hot water and a little detergent. The disadvantage is the appearance. Men’s braces made of silk or suede have a much smarter, richer appearance.


In the past, braces were made of leather. Many types of material were not available around 300 years ago. Leather was very popular, also for braces. These days we still come across men’s braces in suede, that is the inside of leather. Suede is less durable than regular leather, but it gives a soft appearance. Incidentally, the loops of high-quality men’s braces are made of genuine leather. This includes all men’s braces in our web store.


We produce silk braces on request. This is possible from 30 pieces, ideal for companies and associations. The advantage is that virtually any design can be executed in silk. Silk also gives the braces a beautiful shine. Silk is made from the silk butterfly cocoon. No less than 5,000 cocoons are needed for one kilo of silk. Not surprisingly, silk is a precious material. At the same time, this also has a disadvantage. Silk is relatively expensive to purchase. A second disadvantage is the vulnerability - a stain on silk is difficult to remove.


Polyester is a sturdy, synthetic material. From 30 pieces, we produce braces in any desired design. Polyester is affordable, easy to clean and a durable material. The only drawback is the appearance, polyester gives slightly less shine than silk.

Profuomo mens braces

Image above: Profuomo elastic men’s braces.


A solid and sturdy material: canvas. It gives the braces a tough look due to the coarseness of the fabric. Ideal for contemporary braces. Canvas is relatively easy to clean, a nice material for men’s braces!


Cotton is used for the more expensive men’s braces. A beautiful fabric that gives the braces their smoothness. At the same time, cotton is a sturdy fabric, durable and easy to clean. Be careful with hot water because cotton is known for its shrinking.

What are the best braces?

So, there is no shortage of materials for braces each of these materials has unique characteristics that make it suitable for occasions/wear moments or your personal taste. It is true that if you are really looking for the best braces, we would advise you to choose elastic braces from either Wiseguy Suspenders or Profuomo. These are both braces that are carefully handcrafted from high quality parts, are comfortable to wear and can last a lifetime.

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