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Buying men’s braces?

You want to buy men’s braces, but what should you look for when buying new braces? Read our tips and become a men’s braces pro in one minute!

The occasion

First, ask yourself which occasion and outfit you want to wear the men’s braces with. A pair of men’s braces with loops is part of a tuxedo or dress suit. You attach these loops to the buttons, which in many cases are on the inside of the waistband of your trousers. If this is not yet the case, we supply a bag of buttons with all men’s braces with leather loops. On a white tie occasion, you officially opt for a pair of black men’s braces with buttons combined with a dress suit. The less formal the occasion, the more you can go for colour.

Do you just want to wear your men’s braces on your jeans? Then of course you choose braces with clips. A trendy narrow pair for example or opt for striped men’s braces. If the men’s braces are intended as a fashionable accessory, then you opt for a smooth pair of Y-men’s braces. Are you really going to wear the men’s braces to keep your trousers up, then it's best to choose an X model. This has 2 clips at the front and 2 clips at the rear, which makes them a bit more secure.

But most of all, buy men’s braces that you like! Your taste is still the most important criterion that you must meet. If you feel comfortable with it, then it looks good on you.

Buying mens braces

Note the length

The length of the men’s braces is something to consider. If you are tall, choose a pair of men’s braces with a length of at least 120 cm. We have executed our men’s braces in this perfect length, with handy adjustable slide clamps. The men’s braces can be worn for both men who are small as well as men with a larger build.

Note the quality

This is a difficult point. How do you rate the quality of men’s braces from a photo? In general, you can assume that the higher the price, the better the quality will be. Unfortunately, you can be fooled in this, it is not said that braces of £40 are better than a pair of £20. In any case, make sure that the leather pieces are made of genuine leather. Fake leather looks cheap and that is precisely not the effect that you want to achieve. Also, make sure that the clamps are nickel free to prevent skin irritations. Another feature that you can pay attention to is the brand. Is there a brand at all? Braces without a brand are generally made with less attention to detail. Are you going to buy braces online? Pay attention to the reviews that customers give to the store. You can deduce a lot from these independent opinions.

Very happy with my tie. The colour and quality of it is excellent. Delivery was good too.
I’m very happy with my order, excellent quality and fast delivery.
George Federico
Prompt and courteous replies when asking for information regarding an order. The brown braces feel of high quality and look very smart. Looking forward to wearing them.
I\'m absolutely happy with my tie. The photos on the website showed exactly what I got. High quality product, good customer service. Thank you.
Nice, good quality tie, delivered promptly. Perfect for the posh party I was going to.
Keith Ellis
Excellent quality, great value for money & super service. Item arrived promptly & well packaged.
Very pleased.
Johnnie Bell-Kelman

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