How do you wear braces?

Men’s braces are an unmistakable accessory to complete the look of a true gentleman. This versatile accessory can be worn on many occasions and with many outfits.

How to wear mens braces?

Most men first attach their braces to the back of their trousers, put them on, and then attach the men’s braces to the front of their trousers. You can then easily adjust the size with the help of the sliding clamps. Read more about attaching men’s braces here.

Until the beginning of the 20th century it was not intended that the men’s braces were visible, they were more or less regarded as 'underwear'. With the arrival of the belt, the men’s braces are no longer seen as an essential part of the male outfit but are worn as a fashionable accessory. It feels great to leave your jacket at home and wear your men’s braces on a shirt, possibly combined with a bow tie or tie.

How do you wear braces

When do you wear men's braces?

Firstly, the men's braces are a must-have for tuxedo wearers, if you want to be dressed according to etiquette, leave your belt at home and opt for men’s braces. For example, choose a stylish polka dot design or opt for men’s braces in solid colours.

Secondly, men's braces are a good choice for festive occasions such as weddings and chic parties. For example, choose braces in a striking colour such as light blue or lilac, to give your outfit an individual touch. Finally, men’s braces are also great for casual occasions, the combinations you can make are endless. For example, combine narrow, grey braces with a sturdy cardigan and wear a casual jacket. Or wear a cool combination of men’s braces with jeans and a polo or t-shirt underneath. In short, men’s braces are the ideal accessory to quickly create a style that suits your taste and personality.

Braces for the man

Although men’s braces are not exclusively for men - also women and children (see our range of boys braces) can wear this item of clothing - it is mainly a fashion item that you will find in a man's wardrobe. Unlike women, men have few accessories at their disposal to enhance their outfit, so make the most of men’s braces!

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