Wearing a tuxedo

A tuxedo is worn in any case when there is a black tie on the invitation, but you can also assume that a tuxedo is expected at gala and at chic (wedding) parties.

Wearing a tuxedo2

Tuxedo Etiquette

Although a tuxedo wearing does necessitate following strict rules (because no one has recorded this and over the years this fashion has changed a lot) you can use the etiquette below as ‘go to’ guidance for those chic, formal parties.. But, generally it is important to feel free to adjust your outfit to your own taste. For example, choose a coloured bow tie or a white bow tie, wear a coloured pocket square or choose a coloured cumber band if you have a trim waist..

  • Jacket

Keep your tuxedo jacket as dark as possible, for example deep, dark blue or black. A tuxedo jacket has open lapels in shiny satin and a chest pocket.

  • Pocket square

A white pocket square, preferably made of silk, is the best choice. Carefully insert the square into your breast pocket or fold it tightly to your own taste.

  • Trousers

Choose woolen trousers in the same colour as the jacket. On the outside of the legs there will be a satin trim on the side seams.

  • Shirt

The shirt is white and has an open collar. Often a tuxedo shirt has a blind closure so that the buttons are not visible, and the shirt has double cuffs so you can wear a nice pair of cufflinks.

  • Men’s Braces

With a tuxedo you should not wear a belt. Real tuxedo trousers have no loops. On the inside you will find buttons to attach braces. Choose dark braces, for example dark blue or black. But we emphasize once again that you can interpret a tuxedo freely, for example wear striking red braces or classic polka dot design braces. View our red men’s braces here.

  • Bow Tie

With a tuxedo a black satin silk bow tie can be worn, preferably a self-tie bow tie. But if you want to stand out, you can also choose a white or a red bow tie.

  • Cumber Band

A cumber band is a kind of sash for around your waist. It is certainly not mandatory, but if you still want to wear it, black is the most common colour. Nowadays, cummerbands are available in virtually all colours and designs. You can also choose a different colour to suit your personal taste.

  • Shoes

Wear low black patent shoes with laces.

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